A revolutionary way to save half the women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer


Retailers and brands use Anakin's pricing data, trends and insights to make smart decisions and increase revenues every second.


One click deployments, cloud infrastructure, and software stacks - free up your engineering teams to focus on delivering business value and Argonaut handles the rest.


Cloudthread is an analytics platform that helps engineering teams build efficiently in the cloud.


Echoes gives engineering leaders visibility into the alignment of engineering efforts against the business goals and whether their deliveries are having actual business impacts.


We are a marketplace that makes it safe to trade gaming skins and assets. We are integrated with the gaming platform Steam for validation & our product enables scam free cash transfers between gamers worldwide.


Building machines which extract calcium and magnesium carbonate from the ocean to make carbon negative concrete and glass.

Kiwi Biosciences

Kiwi Biosciences engineers enzymes that break down common digestive triggers in food allowing people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other food allergys to enjoy a normal meal without the side effects.


Maroo helps engaged couples pay for their weddings via instalments instead of all up front.


TransAstra is developing game-changing technologies in the areas of orbital logistics and space resources to enable massive growth to existing and entirely new space industries.

Tuli Health

Tuli health is turning all 11 000 independent pharmacies in the UK into diagnostic centres.